The founder of Viperfish Sensory and Digital Marketing and Positioning Research spent 23 years in advertising and worked in some of the top global agencies such as Lintas, Publicis and served on the board, the AME Regional and Global Leadership Teams for Ogilvy Action.
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 “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them” - Albert Einstein
Unlike many who enter this industry he gained experience in most of the disciplines offered in agencies.  During this time he worked as an Art Director, Group Planning or Strategic Director, Business Unit Director, Board Member and served on both AME Regional and Global Leadership Teams for Ogilvy Action. Despite his many years of experience in Brand Management and Planning he also spent that last few years as the head of Trade Marketing to sharpen his skills in retail and shopper marketing. During his time in agencies he worked on some of the biggest blue chip FMCG accounts in South Africa, most of which were positioned in the top three of each category. His passion for marketing challenges is summarized by this comment: “It has always been more rewarding to work at the coal face in the industry, allowing me enough access to brand and business challenges and enough opportunities to influence the outcome.  It is my belief that brands with stand out have an outstanding way of allowing the creative process to take consumers on an emotional journey.  The fact though is that emotion is now demanded in every step of the shopper journey and retail environments have become the battleground to deliver emotion that can change the consumer’s buying behavior.  This is what lead me to the development of a unique marketing model I called SenseperiencesTM.  His mission is to share his vast experience in Brand and Trade Marketing in order to enrich brands to the positions of credible contenders or leadesr in their respective categories.
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